Do you know that the output of wood pellet machine will be affected by these factors

06. 29, 2021

The same type of wood pellet machine, production is large or small, why? Biomass new energy industry rapid development, wood pellet machine has been more and more people are familiar with. Many people seized the opportunity of this industry and engaged in the production of wood pellets. Of course, different manufacturers, the production of wood pellet machine quality and standards are not the same, often a lot of customers with material to the factory test machine when the production is very high, but the equipment to buy back their own production will be too low. So the problem is, the same equipment, there is a different output phenomenon.

Factors affecting the discharge of wood pellet machine:

1.The grinding of the new mould of the wood pellet machine is very important. New mold has a certain period of running in, need to use oil grinding. In general, the moisture of wood chips should be controlled between 10-15%. Adjust the gap between the pressure wheel and the mold to achieve a good state. After adjusting the pressure wheel, the fixing bolt must be screwed dead.

2.the size of the material and water content. wood pellet function to achieve uniform discharging material size must be less than the diameter of the particle, particle diameter in 6-8 mm, the size of the material is less than it, the other raw material moisture must be between 10-15%, water is too large or small will affect the output of the particle.

3.choose the appropriate wood pellet machine mold compression ratio, different materials corresponding to the compression ratio of different molds, in the factory test machine can determine the compression ratio, the key problem is that you do not easily replace the material after buying the equipment. If the material is replaced, the compression ratio will change, and the corresponding mold will be changed. The material is sometimes out, sometimes not out, may be related to the aging degree of wood pellet machine mold, which should be replaced in time. Model output is different, die life is not the same. Take 560 granulator as an example, its die life is about 1000 hours.